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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

beatup to beautiful

Well here goes, my first post...  I thought I would show the before and after of this little side table/nightstand. Here we go...

Exhibit A - here we have the before - nothing too heinous - a little beat up, a bad stain job and can I say a little blah???

So after a simple-ish 3 step process we will move onto the after (which I hope will be an improvement and dare I say make this old gal a little more interesting).

Step 1 -  I mixed my own chalkpaint-type-stuff (about 1 cup paint to 1 tablespoon baking soda and some water from time to time to keep the paint workable)

Step 2 - an undercoat of charcoal grey and over coat(s) of white

Step 3 - lightly distress and seal

Okay get ready... here it is...


 I thought about doing something on the door or on the top to jazz her up even more, but in the end I liked her just the way she was: pretty, simple and a little rough around the edges.So... what do you think?

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