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Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY mason jar rope light

I find when you stare at something long enough you will know just what to do with it... Such was the case for my beloved mason jar(s)... 

read on and you will see how I made this:

from this:

The good news is: you can do it too, here's how:

  • cord kit (I use the ikea ones (hemma), they are already in tact and involve zero diy wiring, a plus for us safety-conscious non-electricians; there are also very useful parts which will help to secure the jar to the cord)
  • jute rope (whatever length you desire)
  • jute twine
  • scissors
  • white glue and hot glue
  • something to drill or cut 1 larger hole (for the socket to pass through) and several small holes (for venting) in the mason jar lid. I used tin snips but there are many easier and quicker ways out there - ways that also involve power tools - always a bonus
Okay now follow these steps:
  •  cut the rope to desired length
  • apply white glue to the upper part of the socket and wrap the jute twine

  • pull the 3 parts of the jute rope apart and re-twine them together with the cord in the middle. This will take a while, and as you can see in the photo below you will probably see a lot of the cord, after you have twined the cord through the rope start hot gluing and holding the rope together as the glue dries. This step will minimize the amount of cord that shows through the rope
    • also make sure that the jute rope and the twine meet up at the top of the socket

  • now that you've minimized the amount of cord showing start back up with the jute twine. Wrap the twine around the beginning and ending points of the rope, make sure to pull it very tight and secure it with hot glue
  •  okay now that the rope part is done the rest goes pretty quick...
    • cut a hole in the centre of the mason jar lid, it has to be big enough for the socket to pass through to the stopper (where you started wrapping jute twine)
    • now that you have that done push the socket part way through - to the stopper (on the hemma cords) where the twine begins
    • now make your smaller venting holes, this will allow the heat from the bulb to escape , it should look like the pic below
  •  now you will take the female part of the socket and twist it up to the mason jar lid, this will secure the lid/jar to the cord (see pic below)
  •  and now you have this:

  •  or this:

If you are really handy with electrical (or know someone who is) then you can hard wire this light right into the ceiling and presto we have a pendant... otherwise you can secure it to the ceiling with a hook...

Stay tuned for some common sense precautions....
  • DO NOT exceed the maximum bulb wattage
    • I typically only use a 40 watt bulb max (even when the manufacturer allows for a higher wattage) so the temp stays down, energy efficient bulbs are a great option for this as well
  • I would use a diamond tipped drill bit, and follow the manufactures instructions for drilling through glass, to add venting holes to the jar (on the bottom or back depending on how you use the lamp) if you are going to use the max allowable wattage - safety 1st we don't want this baby to heat up too much (even though you have vented this guy from the top)
Okay we are done, now you can enjoy your lamp.

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