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Thursday, 5 July 2012

summer pillows

There is something about summer that makes me want slow down and relax; hang out;  wear flip flops everyday (even though we are nowhere near a beach); and take time to smell the roses. Speaking of roses...

I normally restrict my floral accessorizing to, well cut flowers and plants, but not this summer. No, this summer I am inspired and MUST have flowers everywhere! I'm wearing them, decorating with them, picking them - lets just say I am flower-crazy.  I don't think I am alone either, flowers are popping up everywhere.

A sumptuous pile of vintage eiderdowns. !!!
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Maria Starzyk
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Cath Kidston's home #decor #florals #pastel #comfort
Kath Kidston via pinterest
Chintz table cloth
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A chintz car!
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Yes all these inspirational shots are leading you to my latest project... no I have not wallpapered my car... yet... I am starting small and gradually easing myself (and lets be real for a moment - my husband) into this hyper-feminine world.

So how do you slowly introduce new ideas into your decor? Through accessories, of course! And what accessory is king when it comes to home decor? You guessed it: THROW PILLOWS.

When I saw the fabric I knew what it had to be... it is perfect: white, bright and flower-filled. I added a check fabric to the back to tone down all that floral (you see, baby steps). But it still needed something, perhaps a rustic touch - ah yes hemp ties- now that's the ticket.

And here she is (with her identical twin):

So what do you think?

PS. I am kinda proud of these because it is my 1st sewing project without the watchful eye of my sewing teacher - yes, I am brand new to the sewing world...

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Deanne said...

You have done a fabulous job! I love the contrast between the floral and the stripe!

Vintage Prairie Style said...

thanks! it was a pretty fun project.

victoriantailor said...

You did an excellent job!!! Love the covers and the way you can see the stipe under it, and the twine ties? how did you sew those on?

Amy Kinser said...

I think you did a great job with your pillows. I have enjoyed floral prints more this summer. I have especially loved some beautiful old floral quilts and sheets my mom has given me.

I just pulled out my sewing machine today and made a pillow out of some tan and white ticking. I have a machine, but sew very poorly. I would love to learn!

michele said...

just lovely!

if you like, swing by my place where i am hosting a giveaway:

and keep sharing your lovely posts!



Vintage Prairie Style said...

thanks all for the comments! to answer some of the questions: I sewed the hemp twine on by hand - it was too think to fit through the machine. You can see it in some pics - but I really secured it on there - these things are designed to take abuse! I am really loving the floral and am on the hunt for vintage fabrics - any suggestions on where to look?? I recently took a 6 week sewing class and it was well worth the money - it definitely upped my confidence - I am no maverick with the machine, but way better than before!

trumatter said...

Oh Hello!! Where were you all these days!!! Visiting from India here and tell you what I LOVED your post beatup to beautiful. It's fantastic. And I love your blog lay out too.

Cheerio :)

Vintage Prairie Style said...

thanks and welcome!

freckled laundry said...

Featured your darling pillows tonight! I never would have guessed that you are a new sewer! xo Jami

freckled laundry said...

Featured your darling pillows tonight! I never would have guessed that you are a new sewer! xo Jami

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