Tuesday, 9 October 2012

creative cuts

This is my dog, Fynn:

He is my constant companion. He was my baby, before I had my babies.  He will be 10 years old soon but still acts like a puppy.  He is truly one in  million.  He forgives easily, forgets more often than I do and he makes me smile everyday.

Speaking of smiling, we do not share the same sense of humor...

I call this the "lion cut"... I started cutting his hair after a groomer nearly took his ear off... I have given him many, many cuts. They are usually completely normal; but every so often I get creative:

I did this for my own amusement.

When my husband saw Fynn his words were: "why, why would you do that?" He has not spoken about it since...

What does Fynn think? He's okay with it - not even a bit embarrassed. I guess he knows that you can't always judge a book by its cover...

I'll tell you who really HATES this hair cut:

Meet Gucci. He does not want history to repeat itself. It hasn't. Yet...

Does anyone else out there do this or am I the only one?

*** excuse the random bits on the floor and general mess - these pics were taken during a crafting extravaganza... 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

my little nook

If you ask my hubby I have several little nooks around the house and I guess, strictly speaking, I do. There isn't an area of this house that hasn't been used as a work surface for one of my projects. I will create where ever inspiration strikes...

There is one nook in particular though that I think of as mine.  It is in the living room and houses a cast-off desk from my parent's house (my favorite shopping location - can't beat those prices...). I would really like to work some magic on this desk, but my mom has given the thumbs down on that, she is not entirely sure that this is the desk's forever home.  So I must work with what I've got.

And here is what I've got:

I have a bit of a gallery wall above the desk, which houses meaningful images. There are the Robert Doisneau prints that I carried all over Europe when I was 19...

There is the picture of Charles Bridge, which I purchased on Charles Bridge (Prague, CZ), a place that is so special to me (I was so lucky to be able to complete 1 full year of university in this city) and to my family (my dear Grandma hales from Prague).

There is a pic of my mom and a very special aunt when they were toddlers (such a great photo)...

On the desk is an old world atlas. The kids and I love to give daddy impromptu geography tests. So far we are no match for him but we keep trying. I also have my budding collection of homemade magnifying glasses. They are mixed in with some Anthro ones that I picked up on sale. These guys also get a lot of use, as a certain 3 year old loves to play detective with them...

Oh and then there is my printer's little hideout...

I need to have the printer in this room and I really don't want to look at it... we have this old ikea cabinet that does the job perfectly... Having to house the printer here in this is not my fave, but it works... I tried to pretty it up a bit with some old plant pots... anyone fooled into thinking that we actually want to have this cabinet here????

So there you have it: a very long post about a very small area. A selfish little space that I carved out of our family's space. I feel a little indulgent about this and dare I say guilty.  This is a space that is such a reflection of my interests... I think about changing it and adding/subtracting to make this a reflection of everyone - but then I never do - this space makes me happy. Everyday. So I indulge myself, and hope no one else notices...

* I am working on finding a big picture or something for the big blank wall 
** I am working on my photography skills so that my pics aren't so reflective - in the future (future = anytime between now and infinity)

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

it's a man's world... shirt world that is

I shrink shirts, or so my hubby says.  It happens pretty often around here and we have somehow amassed a collection of men's shirts (all of them belonging to one man - I'm no floozy - not that there is anything wrong with that - wait there is if you are married - ah this is too hard to explain...). After the shrinking my husband swears off the shirt - apparently he is too good to wear a belly shirt... I don't know why I keep them, but I do, and the pile was getting a little out of control.

So the other day I decided to do something about all these shirts (all are very lightly worn, in new condition really).  A while back I saw this tutorial on Martha Stewart's website. Ah Martha, gotta love her, is there nothing she hasn't thought of! Anyway, her idea got me thinking... I can do this, pillows I can do (so far that's all I can do, case in point here and here)... 

Now, of course, Martha's pillows were made out of beautiful tuxedo shirts - we don't have those. I checked - they weren't in the pile. No problem, we are coming into fall, we all want to be nice and cozy for fall right?  Well friends, nothing says cozy like plaid! Oh and we have LOTS of plaid shirts. No tuxedos but lots of plaid, does that speak to how we live or what???

Out came my new-to-me sewing machine, some cut up shirts and a whole lot of ingenuity (I just wanted to say that last part, really there was only a sewing machine and shirts cut into squares). So this is what I came up with...

 And here he is with his friend (made out of one of my shirts):

 I did up a few more to sell, but these ones may have found their home here.

Speaking of finding a new home... I have decided to keep my 1st real milk painting project (you can link to it here). I was originally going to sell her, but she looks so good here. I have her in my dining room with a big chalkboard (that I am yet to write on) and a little cake pedestal that I redid:

I know, I know let them eat cake what a quote... for the record I am not an over-indulged princess, sometimes I just like to pretend...

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